LAMH Recycle Ltd provides core, personal and occupational skills development opportunities within a real but supportive work environment for individuals facing a range of “barriers” to employment which may include:

  • Mental Ill Health
  • Drug/Alcohol Addiction
  • Physical Disability
  • No Previous Work History
  • Long Term Unemployed
  • Lack of Basic Skills

Our core business activities allow us to offer a wide range of real work experience opportunities in the following areas:

  • General Office Duties
  • Sales/Customer Service
  • PC Test/Build/Repair
  • Stores and Warehousing
  • Van/Forklift Driving
  • Collection/Delivery
  • Recycling Operative Duties
  • Grounds Maintenance

Our main focus is to engage those “furthest removed from the labour market”, particularly with experience of mental ill health, and to    provide the necessary resources/support to make them more “opportunity ready” so that they are able to benefit from progression to mainstream opportunities in employment, training and Welfare To Work initiatives.

Our work activity not only provides occupational skills/experience but also addresses core/personal skills barriers by improving team working, using initiative, communication and problem solving which in turn positively improves employability issues such as timekeeping/attendance, low self esteem, lack of confidence and motivation.


In addition to workplace opportunities we also use our training suite for short customised courses with our “PC Build, Surf and Keep” being the most popular and successful with participants building a PC which is then taken home for their own use.



With relocation to new premises, we now have a computer suite, conference room and a “ break-out area” which are available to hire for staff training, meetings etc.