About Us

Based in the heart of Lanarkshire, our modern, vibrant charity provides training, volunteering and employment opportunities within a supportive work environment for people facing barriers to employment. We provide inclusive and meaningful opportunities for people to learn new skills and improve their chances of finding paid work in the future.


Our main business activities are:

  • IT Equipment Recycling
  • Aluminium and Steel Can Recycling
  • Cardboard, Paper, Glass and Plastics Recycling
  • Refurbishment of IT Equipment for reuse within the local community
  • Employability Development Services
  • Customised Training

Our Promise

Our promise is simple. We will provide you with a professional, flexible and reliable service. Our team will review your needs regularly to ensure you are receiving the best service possible.


You can rest easy knowing that all your responsibilities under European waste disposal and data protection law are fully adhered to.

You will have a named point of contact in LAMH Recycle Ltd who will work with you
to ensure you are happy with the service we are providing.


100% of our business proceeds are invested in helping people back into work,  helping our local community.