PC Repair & Sales


We offer a highly regarded and affordable PC repair service with the aim of extending the life of IT equipment through repairing or reconditioning them. We have been providing repair services for over 15 years and we are confident that we can compete on service and cost with anyone around. If we cannot fix your computer then there is absolutely no charge and we offer a FREE diagnostic check. We can provide a full system wipe or reinstall for as little as £30.

We can process any IT equipment you no longer need. Firstly, we will destroy all data safely and securely, then we will refurbish and redistribute the equipment to the local community.

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Our dedicated team offer a first class professional service at an affordable price. Refurbished PC’s for sale, including home, office and gaming machines, branded or built to spec, as well as Laptops and Laptop Chargers.

All our PC’s are thoroughly checked, have their operating systems reinstalled and are provided with a minimum 160GB Hard Drive, an optical drive and 2GB of memory. Our machines are supplied with either Windows 7 or Windows 10 but we pride ourselves in being able to offer a wide range of different PC specifications to suit your individual needs.

  • Wide range of quality, affordable refurbished laptops, parts and peripherals
  • PC Systems starting from £70 with a 1 year warranty on all refurbished systems
  • PC and Laptop repairs, full service backup, upgrades, virus spyware removal, health checks
  • Secure data transfer to new machine or destruction if required
  • Full installation including for instance printers
  • Home delivery available

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Tel: 01698 264100 or email info@lamhrecycle.co.uk