Recycling Your Cans.


LAMH Recycle Ltd’s FREE Can Recycling service is available across Lanarkshire

Fast, Flexible and Free

LAMH Recycle Ltd can provide:

  • We can offer a free can uplift service to local businesses and other organisations looking to increase their recycling activity
  • We provide free can bins and bags to all our customers and offer a regular and reliable uplift service to suit individual requirements
  • All aluminium and steel food and drinks cans are accepted
  • Information regarding annual tonnage reports can be provided where required
  • Businesses and householders can also drop off cans to our new premises on Range Road in Motherwell at no cost
  • We currently provide this service to over 300 businesses and other organisations in the Lanarkshire area and have so far recycled in excess of 15 million cans.

Our very first business venture

when we were started in 1999 our first venture was a can recycling service and it has continued to grow with every year. The development of our can recycling business not only diverts significant tonnage away from landfill but has allowed us to offer increased volunteer opportunities in occupational areas such as driving, collection, processing and various office duties